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Courting Wisdom (Courting Series Book 2) Kay Stuart

Courting Wisdom (Courting Series Book 2)

Kay Stuart

Kindle Edition
206 pages
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 About the Book 

Nathaniel Brent, Single Spur’s ranch foreman was always helping Wisdom McClure out of one misadventure after another. None of the stupid things that frequently happened to Wisdom were her fault. She did not turn the wild horses loose and she did not play any of the childish pranks she was accused of doing. Still Nathaniel wondered if Wisdom would ever grow up and think before she acted or better yet develop what she desperately needed, a little commonsense!Why should anyone believe Wisdom had not been the one Miss Temple saw carousing with a young ranchhand the night of the town dance? Wisdom hoped her father would realize she was telling the truth before it was too late and he forced her to marry Nathaniel Brent.Wisdom believed any woman that married Nathaniel Brent had to have her head screwed on backwards but to avoid the wrath of her father and a town scandal Reverend Hathaway announces them man and wife. Just let Nathaniel try to make good on that remark! Wisdom had other ideas and none of them included her father’s foreman!